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Since its establishment, Dalian mengjialu Education Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to family culture construction, Dalian family education, learning motivation training camp, spreading family education knowledge, and accompanying parents and children to grow up together. Since 2018, he has participated in and sponsored family education courses such as "parent professional course", "parent coaching course", "adult financial intelligence course", "emotional intelligence compulsory course", "youth character compulsory course" and "love nature vitality system" in Dalian. Every year, teachers are organized to go to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, training institutions, enterprises and communities to teach public welfare family education classes.

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core curriculum

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  • educational resources

    educational resources

    It mainly covers nearly 100
    enterprises in provinces, cities,
    counties and regions throughout
    the country

  • Curriculum system

    Curriculum system

    Self growth, seven abilities
    of youth character and other
    sub sections.

  • Faculty


    More than 100 masters and doctors
    More than 200 national second-class psychological counselors

  • Visiting experience

    Visiting experience

    The click rate of live broadcast and playback reached hundreds of thousands of people, with high satisfaction with the course

  • Participation certificate

    It was awarded the "practice Social Responsibility Award and education public welfare Innovation Award" by China next generation education foundation.

  • curriculum design

    Mainly carry out various forms of training with family style and family education as the core, and the main output forms are offline teaching and online promotion.

  • Service guarantee

    Special attention was paid to the research and development of family style and investment, and a series of family style courses were developed.

  • Good reputation

    It is a professional family education institution that integrates academic research and practical services and has a good reputation and social image.

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This road leads to the future!

The road to the future!

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